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I look forward to seeing the orders roll in!

impressLOCAL works one-on-one to help client succeed

So far I have enjoyed my time with KC Star [impressLOCAL].  Mary and Tera have worked with me, one-on-one, to achieve my goals.  I look forward to Seeing the orders roll in!

Tiffany Miller, Owner
It Works by Tiffany Miller


A local home decorations and furniture store launches a campaign that included mobile advertising and call tracking. The result: More sales, targeted customer service.

Retailer uses impressLOCAL’s innovative call tracking to improve service, drive business:

The store’s owners wanted to get more good leads and improve their telephone customer service.

Working with the clients to come up with the right strategy and the right creative message, the impressLOCAL specialist put together a digital marketing solution. In this case, the offering consisted of Search Engine Marketing, along with a targeted display campaign and mobile advertising.  Call tracking phone numbers were used throughout the campaign and that allowed the advertiser to listen and learn from the phone calls.

The campaign was a huge success, delivering more than 6,700 page views to the advertiser’s website.  And, by listening to the calls, the owners could improve on the customer experience.

And the successful bottom line: One call to the store directly attributed to the campaign resulted in a $100,000 sale.


A heating and air conditioning company found a marketing mix of print and digital ads, including on Facebook, brought in new customers.

A service company broadens its reach by expanding into digital marketing through impressLOCAL:

A long-time print advertiser in the heating and air conditioning business wanted to expanding their marketing mix by adding a targeted digital banner campaign, with a dashboard that allowed the business to monitor the results in real-time.

By combining the powerful reach they were getting with their print advertising, the impressLocal specialist worked strategically on the campaign to both target the digital banner ads effectively and create an equally effective creative campaign.

The campaign consisted of a print and digital product mix that included highly targeted banner ads, Facebook ads and mobile display advertising.  Over a 4-month period,  the campaign was were overwhelmingly effective. With the help of impressLocal, the ad was delivered more than 1,800,000 times, with 13,000 clicks to a special offer.


For a local dentist, a multi-platform campaign brought in new customers.

Dental practice loves impressLOCAL’s diversified media mix:

The goal of this local dental practice was to grow over-all awareness to their new and routine procedures, as well as gain new customers. They were interested in the strength of traditional print media, mixing with a highly targeted digital campaign that linked to a special offer.

The impressLocal specialist worked with the practice to set up a campaign that included call tracking telephone numbers on all components – print and digital.  These phone calls were recorded and displayed in the reporting dashboard, so that the business owner could play them back and learn how callers were being treated on the phone.

The campaign included 4 full-run print ads each month along with a highly targeted digital campaign that included Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and targeted, online display ads.

Over the course of 4 months, the campaign delivered the ad more than 2,000,000 times resulting in 2,700 clicks to the site and more than 350 recorded phone calls. The dentist renewed his campaign with impressLocal.


When a restaurant opened a new location, the owners knew they needed big marketing. The mix that impressLOCAL specialists came up with filled tables — at his new AND the original location.

Restaurant delivers its message to introduce a new location and gain customers at its original location: 

A local restaurant was opening a second location and came to us needing a strategic digital plan to help promote the new location while filling tables at the original space.

An impressLOCAL Specialist  went to work and prepared an advertising campaign consisting of Search Engine Marketing  along with strategically placed display ads, geographically  targeted to the restaurant’s primary market area of each location. The specialist also included a highly targeted campaign aimed at mobile phone users.

Over the course of four months,  the restaurant received more than 1,000 new unique users for its website. The new location’s opening was a huge success, tables were full and the original location also gained new customers.  The restaurant owner was pleased with the results of the impressLOCAL campaign.