Retailer Success Story: The $100,000 Sale


A local home decorations and furniture store launches a campaign that included mobile advertising and call tracking. The result: More sales, targeted customer service.

Retailer uses impressLOCAL’s innovative call tracking to improve service, drive business:

The store’s owners wanted to get more good leads and improve their telephone customer service.

Working with the clients to come up with the right strategy and the right creative message, the impressLOCAL specialist put together a digital marketing solution. In this case, the offering consisted of Search Engine Marketing, along with a targeted display campaign and mobile advertising.  Call tracking phone numbers were used throughout the campaign and that allowed the advertiser to listen and learn from the phone calls.

The campaign was a huge success, delivering more than 6,700 page views to the advertiser’s website.  And, by listening to the calls, the owners could improve on the customer experience.

And the successful bottom line: One call to the store directly attributed to the campaign resulted in a $100,000 sale.